MultiFarrow® (Adaptive farrowing)

MultiFarrow® (Adaptive farrowing)

MultiFarrow® (Adaptive farrowing) is designed and developed in close cooperation with a pig farmer in the Netherlands.

This crate is useable for free farrowing and also for farrow to wean.

This farmer had a separate room available to test 6 free farrowing crates.
These 6 crates where all the same, to get a good impression of the system.
After more than 2 years of testing and adjusting almost every round, the results where as we wish for.
The number of piglets who were crushed by the sow, was the same as it was in the traditional farrowing crates.

That was the start signal to continue with the plans for building a new shed of 242 pieces free farrowing.
This shed was finished in December 2016.
Now, after a few years, the results are even better than expected.

At this farm the crates are used for farrow to wean.
One of the important items in this system is the use of the feeder.
This feeder has a low trough, so the sow can eat together with her piglets.
At the same time, the piglets learn from their mother and will continue eating out of the same feeder after weaning.

The pigletarea is next to the corridor and equipped with a clear creep lid.
This gives the farmer a good view on the piglets.

To get the sow locked up the first few days after given birth, the farmer can closed the fence without entering the crate.
Also to let the sow out of the locked position, the farmer do not have to enter the crate.

To get more information about this system, the options and all the details, feel free to contact us.